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Scientific Flights of Weather Modification:

A Journal Report and Applied Weather Modification Research and Climate Engineering Techniques - CET on: 
Applied Weather Modification and CET during the Atmosphere and the Inversion of Temperature Lapse Rate Phenomenon:

( Why do extremely health hazardous heavy smog and smoke of fine micron ashes and dust occasionally 
cover northern Thailand ?  )

During the transitional time of winter to summer when the sunshine gets very hot as it is actually  nearer to the Earth. Of course, the result is the whole clear blue sky of this time of the year also gets heated up by conduction and convection from the fast heated ground. It means that our entire atmosphere is warmer compared to the surrounding ambient temperature.

But during the night when the ground gets cool off  quick the atmosphere above it up to approximately 7,500 – 9,000 feet also gets cooler and with usual correct temperature lapse rate reduction of approximately 2’C per 1,000 feet higher of an altitude. For example if the morning temperature in our city around at ground level is 28’C then at 8,000 feet above us the temperature would be about 12’C.

Around the city in the terrain of countryside as well as hills, and mountains if there are  field burning after harvest and slash and burn activities of deforestation then smog and all smoke and fine microns of ashes  which is warmer than the surrounding atmosphere would normally rise up and up more under normal correct temperature lapse rate of 2’C reduction every  1,000 feet higher of an altitude and without limitation. And in normal case if there is no inversion of temperature lapse rate the smoke and ashes would then disperse away, or become some clouds if there are cloud birth key elements of heat, instability, and enough humidity, into the entire troposphere of the atmosphere of the Earth.

But when the Inversion of temperature lapse rate occurs the lighter and warmer air of smoke would however, rise up to only 7,500 – 9,000 feet and stop as around and above this altitude the atmosphere becomes inversely warmer again, as it was heated up by the strong sun, and as warm as the warm smoke resulting in an equilibrium of the air. The smoke and fine ashes therefore, stays all around from lower and up to this altitude, where the inversion of temperature lapse rate occurs with temperature increasing with higher altitude instead of usually reducing at normal rate of approximately 2’C every 1,000 feet higher. The consequence is the smoke and ashes would not rise passing this layer of change, of normal temperature lapse rate and the inversion of temperature lapse rate, and stay covering the entire city and surrounding territory.

Besides, when these trapped warmer and lighter air of smoke and extremely dry ashes rises up to the transition layer of equilibrium at the beginning of layer of the inversion of temperature lapse rate, at this altitude these trapped smoke and ashes themselves, after a period of time, also become cooler and get heavier. Therefore, smoke and ashes stay stationary much at this transition layer and all over at lower altitude covering even more and acts as lid locked up the lower atmosphere which is full of smog and smoke. If the burning activities at the ground are still carried on more new smoke and ashes would then become intensified in the air and get even critically trapped through these physical cycles.  

Video clip of flight during the Inversion of Temperature Lapse Rate in the atmosphere over northern Thailand west of
Chiang Mai city ( Click here please )

This is because ground gets cooler faster than the air. Therefore, the atmosphere above it up to approximate certain altitude as mentioned also gets cooler along with the ground where there is a normal temperature lapse rate reduction. The lighter warm smog and smoke would normally rise up according to the law of physics. However, the atmosphere above that altitude can not release any heat out of it as it has been heated up by the strong sun and radiation days after days and the conduction of cooler ground could not help to cool it down at all as it is too high above approximately 8,000 feet which is out of effect. This is why it stays so warm and as warm as the warm smoke therefore, smoke and ashes stop rising up as it is not lighter than its surrounding anymore.

Without this natural phenomenon of the inversion of temperature lapse rate, at this time of the year, occurs at certain altitude the atmosphere would normally get cooler with higher altitude to become minus and more in the entire troposphere. Any smoke will rise up and stronger wind aloft would carry it away dispersing it out into the sky. In this case we have clear weather over our city.

This means that during the inversion of temperature lapse rate phenomenon if the field burning after harvest and slash and burn activities of deforestation are not happening too much then our city and surrounding territory would not be covered by hazardous smog and smoke of ashes with the size of less than 10 microns particle mass and more than safe standard, for living things, of higher than 120 micrograms per 1 cubic meter.

The only way to clean air is to reduce the cause of smoke. If there is no further and more of concrete measurement and action for appropriate and correct management to the problems, sufficient understanding and awareness of how to deal with the inter-relations between forest-communities-farm-sustainability-development by all, as well as basic law enforcement by concerned authorities then all business sectors and the entire nation would get severely hurt. Most importantly the entire environment and ecology as well as our health would get much deteriorated and can be seriously more than too late. If we could stop or just ease off the cause of smoke we also stop deforestations, land-slides, flash floods, droughts, severe storms, and also global warming and so on. Then quality of life can be better.

What the weather modification can also be applied to do some help is to trigger and upset the equilibrium of the atmosphere around the altitude where the inversion of temperature lapse rate occurs. Edothermic as well as exothermic hygroscopic  substances, which can also be in mixture with H2O as relative humidity can be very low, frozen carbon- dioxide, and some amount of H2O are carried up by aircrafts and are dispensed, flying in circles of approximately  4 nautical-miles radius  making left and right turnings descending and ascending  between  around 2,500 feet,  to let substances disperse in the atmosphere creating un-equilibrium to the air opening up this covering lid making the air of ashes and warm smoke to rise up well higher into  the inversion level and that stronger upper wind would carry it away easing off the suffocating and choking situation.

Dispersing H2O by injection-nozzles directly into the atmosphere at any spot is  also very effective as these extra fine micron of H2O aerosols capture some smoke of fine ashes directly helping to purify the air further. This can be done via airborne techniques by aircrafts as well as from the set up ground stations also best at high mountain tops near cities if the geography allows to doing so. The higher elevation the better result can be expected. It can be normally about as high as 3,000 feet and-or more or less above ground where cities are located. Balloons can also be used to achieve additional height  of ground stations, near cities located in flat land regions, where  water injection-nozzles  attached and carried by tethered-balloons connected with light weight hose all the way down to ground station water-pumps. High rise buildings and-or towers can do the job too. This is what is called "Climate Engineering Technique" CET by the author.
Another important matter we can bear in mind is also that when there are dense amount of fine micron ashes in the atmosphere the result is there would be drought as ashes absorb all water vapors in the air making relative humidity to be very low. Besides, the inversion of temperature lapse rate can prolong and rain cloud will not  form up naturally. But when there are favorable elements for rain to build up such as, high pressure of cool air and warm air mass of low pressure clashing as well as the presence of good humidity from prevailing wind from the sea and ocean these fine micron of ashes would further act as cloud condensation nuclei and with strong sun of heat plus soaring the whole things would turn into serious scattered thunder-storms of heavy rain shower and hail storms of severe weather damage as it is known as destructive summer storms.

From the months of February through April of 2012 the weather modification team of the Royal Rainmaking had been working hard to quite partly, at one certain point, mitigate and slightly improve the situation using different scientific techniques throughout this field of weather modification of The Royal Rainmaking Technologies.

Captain Pete, M.L.Chititewan Devakul

Chiang Mai, Thailand.   5 May 2012.

Article and all techniques written are Copyrighted by author
( Techniques, as well as continuing close observation and operations, are in used until now 2014. )

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